Friday, June 4, 2010

Get Up...

The last couple of weeks at the Cove in Mooresville we have been discussing "What do you do in the mean time?" One of the key resources has been the Book of Job.

I loved the final line of the message on Sunday - "It is more important to know God than to know why!"

This brings up all kinds of thoughts
- He is a lamp unto my feet - Which also can be interpreted that we don't get High Beams... we are only promised to be able to see the next few feet.
- I am confident of this very thing that He who has begun a good work with complete it... - I wish He would also promise to clue me in on how He plans on completing the good work. I guess we have to toss that up to trade secrets.
- When you have done all else Stand! - Interesting that we are told to stand not sit. There are times I wish we had been told - when we have done all else grab the recliner...

I guess my summary for the day is it is time to get up... It is for such a time as this we are instructed to brush ourselves off and stand. Our hope is in that we know He will complete our good works regardless if we know how it will come together.